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Updated: Mar 28, 2019

If you aren't scanning in your documents, you may be costing yourself a lot of time and effort. Downloading a phone scanner is one of the first steps to going paperless and getting more organized. There are some great phone scanners these days that make it super easy to get rid of a lot of your paper. We have used the CamScanner app but there are others out there. The scanner apps have free versions and subscription versions. Depending on your needs, decide which is best for you.

Quick Start

For a quick start, create these folders to scan to: financial, insurance, official documents, taxes, receipts, vendors, education, activities, health, calendar/contacts, and other. Now when you get a document, you can quickly scan it in to your phone and toss it or file it in the appropriate ZO ORGANIZED™ category binder.

  • Financial: Financial account docs, such as banking, credit card, retirement accounts etc.

  • Insurance: Insurance docs such as statements, correspondence, etc.

  • Official Documents: Legal documents such as Titles, Deeds, Driver's License, etc.

  • Taxes: Copies throughout the year of the docs you will need at tax time!

  • Receipts: Obvious

  • Vendors: Service providers such as cable, internet, utilities, etc

  • Education: School docs such as report cards, school newsletters, field trip, etc

  • Activities: Documents such as team schedules, team correspondence, uniform info, etc

  • Health: Medical expenses, lab results, provider statements, immunization records, etc

  • Calendar/Contacts: Invitations, business cards, schedules, etc

  • Other: anything else🙂

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