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Stay on top of calendars, busy schedules, tasks, finances, home maintenance and beyond  - all from one app.



Because Family Means Everything

Managing the day-to-day demands of your life can get overwhelming - from juggling busy schedules, coordinating calendars, scheduling appointments, planning, and completing tasks, it’s no wonder your to-do list seems never ending. Although each of these are essential building blocks of organization, it seems like too much work - sadly, most just continue with their “old” ways that don’t necessarily work. What if you were able to not only knock these essentials out, but also stay on top of finances, your home, your family’s health, and beyond - all with ONE app.

Just imagine the amount of time you can take back in your day with an all-in-one, digital family command center. That’s ZO ORGANIZED.


Your Family's Digital Command Center


Kick-Start Life

Rejuvenate, kick-start life, feel in control, and create more time for leisure. Learn More >

Achieve Harmony and Life Balance


It can be exhausting even thinking about keeping up with paper & electronic files, countless emails, and various  logins for banking, bills, kids’ schools and sports teams.

ZO is here to take the sifting, sorting, & frustration out of staying organized.

Suit Your Life's Goals, at Any Stage You May Be


Customize ZO by your life’s goals for what stage you're in.

You just graduated, now what? Maybe you're planning to move. Or, like many, you may just want to streamline your busy household. Focus in any area of life’s experiences and design your own ZO.

Take Charge of Your Finances

Let's face it, you’re the household CFO. Pay bills on time, understand where you spend with managing household income & expenses, gain control of your investments, cash flow, & savings for home upgrades, vacations & more. 



As I become paperless and pay my bills, I must open at least 15 websites or apps. It seems this could be much more streamlined.

—  Signed, Me

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Achieve Harmony and Life Balance with ZO ORGANIZED™

The age of digital can be scary. ZO simplifies, aiding the transition to a digital life. It’s a personal document management tool, a family command center, and an automated intelligent life assistant for all areas of living that covers time, finance, home maintenance, health and fitness, family life, and plan and protect for the future.

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